Jacksonville’s Most Stunning Statues

Florida is filled with amazing statues of animals, humans and things which makes Florida’s environment so amazing and worth visiting. Beauty is seen in the fields of arts and in the hands of human are wisdom and love.

Statue of Andrew Jackson. This is the heart of Jacksonville. Jacksonville is named after this man in honor oh him. They built is statue riding on a horse.


Tyrannosaurus Rex. This statue is standing in Jacksonville It is one of the statues that is being visited especially that it is located in Jacksonville.

Confederate Monumate. This monument is standing at the center of Hemming Park. It is established to create an atmosphere of remembering the past during the civil war.

Pegasus. This statue of Pegasus in Jackson Beach is absolutely amazing. This Pegasus reminds of people to fly which they only have in dream. However, human flying is not just a dream for somebody but it might be real.

Racing Men. Jacksonville has a statue of racing men and this is a very significant to those who are living along the street.

Praying kid. An angel praying is good statue in Florida. It is a symbol of purity and it is very natural for men to be proud of this statue. The statue looks to heaven as if he is begging for something blessing that could fall from the sky. It is a cemetery statue.

There are so many statues in Florida but Jacksonville is where different statues are put up. These statues are symbolic in the village.